The New Global Challenges in Cyber Security - #certcon10

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Logo authors: Suzana Gabriela Lupu & Robert Dumitrașcu


October 22nd

10.00 – 10.50 Opening Session

11.00-13.00 Parallel sessions

    1. 5G Toolbox: the instrument of the future

    2. Certification & Standardization: need or opportunity

    3. Cybercrime & Social engineering

    4. Education, awareness & psychology in cybersecurity

    5. e-Governance & women in cyber

    6. Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISACs): necessity or opportunity

13.00-14.00 Break

14.00-16.00 Parallel sessions

    1. Incidents and security measures in NIS sectors: pretending and defending

    2. NIS Directive review: needs and vision

    3. Cybersecurity Strategies and best practices

    4. Emerging technologies, IoT, Blockchain

    5. Machine learning, Cloud computing & Quantum computing

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