Managing cyber-nomadism or how we protect our mobile devices

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  Cyber-nomadism refers to those mobile terminals that involve the risk of being stolen or lost (such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, USB drives) and could end up in the possession of a third-party entity. Frequently, these terminals contain sensitive data or can represent a way of accessin ... Read more ->

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Campaign Scam aimed at iPhone users

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Romanian users of Apple's services are targeted for a specific campaign Scam (Phishing) via the Safari browser. More specifically, the opening Safari, users see a message that are announced that are brought accusations about the fact that they "viewed / stored / distributed pornography prohib ... Read more ->

Vulnerability of the app Swiftkey for models of Samsung Galaxy S

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The handsets Samsung Galaxy S models from S3 to S6 including model have become vulnerable due SwiftKey app preinstalled. According to a report released by the company NowSecure, a company specialized in security for mobile devices, a critical vulnerability in the app SwiftKey user data patterns jeo ... Read more ->