Update concerning the state of play on the Romanian National Cyber Security Directorate (19th of March 2021)

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We hereby provide an update on the state of play concerning the process for establishing the Romanian National Cyber Security Directorate, which shall replace CERT-RO.

The new Directorate aims to be a highly capable, civilian actor that shall firmly position Romania as a recognized leader in cyber security and help our country to fulfil its commitments towards the European Union, our key international allies, and partners.

The draft Emergency Ordinance for creating the National Cyber Security Directorate (hereunder the “Draft Act”) was ready since early December 2020 with direct input and support from an inter-governmental group of competent cyber and legal experts, and decision makers.

The first publicly available version of the Draft Act was positively endorsed by 18 governmental bodies and is posted since December 2020 on the web site of the Romanian Government.

In February 2021, the Romanian Prime-minister Florin Cîțu requested CERT-RO to re-launch the review and approval process for the Draft Act.

Therefore, the following competent governmental bodies are currently in the process of reviewing and issuing opinions for endorsing the Draft Act:

  • Government’s General Secretary Office (SGG)
  • Ministry of Finance (MF)
  • Ministry of Justice (MJ)
  • Ministry of Labour and Social Protection (MMPS)
  • Ministry of Education (ME)
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI)
  • Ministry of National Defence (MApN)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE)
  • Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitalization (MCID)
  • Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI)
  • Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE)
  • Special Telecommunications Service (STS)
  • Protection and Guard Service (SPP)
  • National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM)
  • National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing (ANSPDCP)
  • National Registry Office for Classified Information (ORNISS)
  • Competition Council (CC)
  • Legislative Council (CL)
  • Romanian Court of Accounts (CdC)

As soon as the review process by the above-mentioned governmental bodies will be finalised, the Draft Act shall be included on the agenda of the Romanian Government’s meetings, for approval.

The Draft Act (public version, December 2020) document duly translated in English, for your use, is available for download HERE.

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