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Update concerning the state of play for establishing the Romanian National Cyber Security Directorate

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We hereby provide an update on the state of play for establishing the Romanian National Cyber Security Directorate, which is planned to replace CERT-RO.

The draft Emergency Ordinance on the establishment of the National Cyber Security Directorate (hereunder the “Draft Act”) was finalised early December 2020 with direct input and support from an inter-governmental group of cyber and legal experts and decision makers.

The new Directorate aims to be a highly capable, international-class civilian actor that shall firmly position Romania as a recognized leader in cyber security and help our country to fulfil its commitments towards the European Union and our key international allies and partners.

Several competent Romanian governmental bodies formally issued positive opinions endorsing the Draft Act and the project for creating the National Cyber Security Directorate, as follows:

1 Government’s General Secretary Office (SGG)
2 Ministry of Public Finance (MFP)
3 Ministry of Justice (MJ)
4 Ministry of Labour and Social Protection (MMPS)
5 Ministry of National Education (MEN)
6 Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI)
7 Ministry of National Defence (MApN)
8 Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE)
9 Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure and Communications (MTIC) 
10 Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI)
11 Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE)
12 Special Telecommunications Service (STS)
13 Protection and Guard Service (SPP)
14 National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM)
15 National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing (ANSPDCP)
16 Competition Council (CC)
17 Legislative Council (CL)
18 Romanian Court of Accounts (CdC)

Two interim versions of the Draft Act were included on the agenda of the Romanian Government, for information and analysis and were discussed on October 1st and November 27th, respectively.

The first publicly available version of the Draft Act was posted on December 3rd on the web site of the Romanian Government.

The Draft Act was also included on the agenda of the Romanian Government’s meeting of December 4th; however, it was not discussed during that meeting.

Following the national-level parliamentary elections held in Romania on December 6th, a new Government Team led by the Prime-minister Florin Cîțu has been appointed by the Parliament.

In this context, it is up to the new Government Team to decide upon the best approach to be followed and on the next steps concerning the Draft Act.

We are pleased to share with you a copy of the Draft Act, duly translated in English, for your use.

The document is labelled TLP=WHITE and is available for download HERE.

Download the pdf document